Kids Culture Report [June 2021]

Everything is awesome! In June, LEGO launched LEGOCON — its first-ever fan convention!

Kids Pride 🏳‍🌈

Representation Matters 👦🏾

Jarrod Walczer & Derek E. Baird | Journal of Fandom Studies

Original Art by Mitch Miller

Photographer: Höweler + Yoon Architecture via WSJ

Mental Health 🧠

Stories and resources from RoadTrip Nation to help students explore their dreams — and the paths they can take to get there.

Possible Dreams. Possible Paths. [Roadtrip Nation]

Kid Culture Report [May 2021]

Source: “Blues Clues” YouTube Channel

Kids Media 🎥

Cooney Center Report on Tweens, Teens & Public Media

Derek E. Baird

Chief Youth Officer | Kids & Teen Culture, Content & Community | Kids Privacy | Author “Gen Z Frequency” | Kid/Teen Mental Health + Digital Wellbeing |

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